Travel Cash Advance

What Is a Travel Cash Advance?

A "Travel Cash Advance" (Cash Advance) is the payment of funds to an individual to be used in the future during an authorized trip, project, or event. Because the university offers several preferred payment options (i.e., corporate cards, purchasing cards, and Clincards) that are more secure and less expensive for all parties to administer, cash advances are only issued with approval from leadership.

Cash advances are sometimes necessary for efficiency or because they are the only means acceptable to the payment requirements of the service rendered. Cash advances are intended to cover anticipated expenses associated with:

  1. A University business trip
  2. A University-sponsored event

Accounts Payable oversees the implementation of the Cash advances. For complete instructions on how to obtain a cash advance, see the instructions below. Remember to keep all receipts and documentation needed to reconcile your cash advance.

Travel Cash Advance Overview

Only Emory employees are eligible for travel cash advances.

These travel advances are given only if one of the following conditions exist:

  • The employee is not eligible for a Corporate Credit Card.
  • The employee has applied for but has not yet received the Corporate Credit Card.
  • The employee is traveling to a destination that might not accept corporate credit cards.
  • The employee does not have a personal credit card.

The minimum amount for a Travel Cash Advance is $50.00.

Step by Step

  1. Complete the Travel Cash Advance Request Form (DOCX) and have your immediate supervisor approve it.
  2. Sign and date the Travel Cash Advance Request Agreement (DOCX).
  3. Upload both the Request and the Agreement in Compass.

Accounts Payable will receive an email notification of your request and they will process it within one business day.

The requested funds will be issued to you in the same manner that you receive your paycheck.

Note: If you are paid via ACH, payment should be in your bank account between 24 and 48 hours. If you have more than one bank account, be sure to check all accounts for the funds in case the default bank account did not get selected for deposit.

A travel cash advance may be requested between 5 and 20 business days from your departure date.

  1. Complete an Expense Report via Compass within 10 business days from the date of your return.
  2. If you have extra money after your trip, you need to return the funds to Emory.
    • Write out a check made payable to Emory University.
    • Send the check to Accounts Payable located at:
            Emory University
           ATTN: Accounts Payable - 3rd Floor 
           1599 Clifton Road NE
           Atlanta, GA 30321
Note: Additional cash advances will not be issued until an expense report is submitted for all previously disbursed travel cash advances.

If your Travel Cash Advance is not reconciled (via the submission of an expense report) within 60 days from the date of your return, the cash advance will be treated as taxable income and included on your W-2 Form or Form 1042-S.