Payment Types for Goods & Services

Payments for goods and services are payments to any vendor/payee that is not an Emory employee. Employees are paid through payroll.

Some of these payments require a purchase order, while others do not.

What is a Purchase Order (PO)?

A purchase order is a document that serves as an acknowledgement, or promise, that payment will follow in the future for specific goods or services. The information that is sent to the vendor on the PO, to request product or services, typically includes item, quantity, price, discounts, vendor information, and ship-to information.

How are POs created?

Purchase Order vouchers are created in Emory Express to pay invoices and require a three-way match among the purchase requisition, invoice, and receipt of items (based on threshold).

For more information, see How to Purchase under the Procurement's Buying section.

What are some types of payments made to vendors?

Vendor Payments

Payments not on Purchase Orders:

  • Supplies and equipment (i.e., lab supplies, office supplies, cleaning supplies)
  • Contracted services (i.e., consultants, temporary services, contractors)
  • Lease Payments
  • Department of Homeland Security
  • Others

Individual Payments

Payments not on Purchase Orders:

  • Honorariums
  • Awards
  • Stipends
  • Grants
  • Scholarships
  • Fellowships
  • Subawards
  • Independent Contractors
  • Study Participants
  • Other Payments (i.e., Petty Cash, Royalties, Utilities, Permits, Taxes, Legal Settlements, Athletic Event Officiating, Contributions/Donations/Sponsorships, Performing Artist, Photographer, Etc.)
  • Travel and Business Expense Reimbursements

International Payments

  • Paying Foreign Entities
  • Paying Foreign Individuals Located outside of the U.S.
  • Paying Foreign Visitors to the U.S.