Payment Process Overview

Payments for goods and services have varying payment requirements based on the type of entity being paid, whether they are domestic or international, and whether a Purchase Order is required. Listed below are the general requirements for all payment types.

Step By Step

The vendor/payee must be registered and active in the Vendor database.

*Exception– If the payee is only being reimbursed for domestic reimbursable expenses, they do not need to have a vendor record created. This is because reimbursable expenses are not taxable and therefore a 1099 Form is not required to be sent to the payee at year-end.
To request a vendor be set up, see Vendor Onboarding.

After the product or services has been delivered to Emory University, an invoice (or other supporting documentation) should be submitted for payment. Documentation (invoices, receipts, tax, or other information) needs to be attached to the check or payment requests as supporting documentation.

Acceptable Supporting Documentation

Original Invoices

To ensure prompt payment, invoices must contain the following information:

  • Invoice number (invoices must not duplicate numbers)
  • Invoice date
  • Purchase order (PO) number, if applicable
    • Campus should inform the supplier of the PO number to reference on the invoice
    • The PO should be made out to the supplier listed on the invoice
    • The PO should have available funds to cover the invoice amount
    • The PO distribution (itemization) should match the invoice distribution
  • Company name, address and contact information including a phone number and email address
  • Payment remittance address, if different from above
  • Invoice total
  • Line details
Fully Executed Contracts
Letter Agreements
Other viable documents that show an obligation due to a vendor/payee
  • Memos from department leaders
  • Award Letters

Non-Acceptable Supporting Documentation

  • Delivery Tickets
  • Order Confirmations/Acknowledgements
  • Packing Slips
  • Proforma Invoices
  • Service Orders
  • Statements
  • Visibly Altered Invoices
  • Written Estimates
  • Written Quotes

Electronic (cXML invoicing for eCatalog Vendors)

When sending invoices for payment, Emory's preferred method is electronically via our Supplier Portal or via EDI interface. Submission of a PO invoice should not be assumed to indicate the immediate remittance of payment. In order for a payment to process, the PO invoice quantity and dollar amount must match the purchase order and the department must acknowledge receipt (based on dollar threshold) through electronic receiving.


If the electronic option is not possible, email all Emory University invoices containing Purchase Orders numbers beginning with A, CH, S, T or W followed by 6 numbers to

The University will pay all valid invoices and/or undisputed amounts of an invoice within the negotiation payments terms or 30 days after receipt of invoice or goods or services.

See Payment Methods and Payment Terms for more information.