Pay Companies/Suppliers

Company Invoices should be submitted via Emory Express. Emory Express is the University's Procure-to-Pay System. It is where we buy goods and services.

Invoice Requirements

Invoices with a Purchase Order

Requisitioning departments are responsible for ensuring submitted requisitions are for services or products received, and that the amounts are complete and accurate. A Purchase Order should be created and noted with the requested payment.

Vendors: Send PO-Invoices to

Invoices without a Purchase Order

Emory Campus: Enter a check request through Emory Express to pay the vendor.

What is a Check Request?

A Check Request is a form used for processing payments (invoices) that are not on a Purchase Order. The Check Request should only be used for payments to companies and suppliers. A copy of the supplier's invoice must be attached as an internal document.

The Check Request form is found on the Emory Express's home page under the “Invoice Payment Forms” Section: Check Request (Non-PO Payment Form) (


Any reimbursement or payment issued by the university which subsequently results in a refund must be returned to the university.

All coupons, certificates, rebates, and/or points received as a result of a university purchase are Emory's property and all reward redemptions must benefit the university.