Paying for Travel

Paying for Travel
Type of TravelerAirfareLodging, Car Rental,
Meals, Parking
Conference Registration
Faculty and StaffUse one of our three travel agencies. Preferred payment method is the Corporate Card. Or use Personal Credit Card or direct bill it to SmartKey if you do not have a Corporate Card.Corporate Card or personal funds.Corporate Card, personal funds or a Check Request in Emory Express, if necessary.
"Guest" of EmoryIt is preferred that guests of Emory do not have their airfare booked via our agencies and charged to a smartkey. Due to risk of their cancellation, it is preferable that the guest pays for it themselves and gets reimbursed after the trip.Guest's personal funds. Reimbursable after the trip.N/A

Visa Corporate Card

The Emory Visa Corporate Card application is available