Credit Card Management

Accounts Payable administers Emory's credit card programs. The University offers two credit card options for eligible faculty and staff who travel or purchase goods and services on behalf of their department: the Corporate Credit Card (Travel Card) and the Purchasing (PCard) Card.

The Corporate Credit Card (Travel Card)

The Emory Corporate Credit Card is used for buying travel and travel-related services required for the conduct of university business. All charges to the Corporate Credit Card must be properly itemized, approved, submitted, and approved via the Expense Request reporting process. The Corporate Credit Card expenses are paid directly by the university to J.P. Morgan Chase for all approved travel expenses. (Any late fees incurred are the responsibility of the cardholder and need to be paid directly to JP Morgan Chase.)

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The Purchasing Card (PCard)

The Emory Purchasing Card (PCard) is used for smaller purchases to achieve greater cost efficiency, control, and convenience. The PCards are issued to employees who can acquire goods and services without having to process the transaction through the traditional purchasing procedure, such as using purchase requisitions or purchase orders. All charges to the PCard must be properly itemized, submitted, and approved via Compass. The PCard expenses are paid directly by the university to J.P. Morgan Chase each month.

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Find the Credit Card that meets your needs:

T&E vs PCard Appropriate Charges

Note: If you travel and buy department items, you should apply for both cards.

Emory Corporate Credit CardEmory Purchasing Card
For personal travel-related expenses, such as airlines, hotel, car rentals, meals, entertainment, conference registrations, etc.For business-related department expenses such as office supplies, postage, department meeting snacks, training materials, etc.
Corporate Credit Card EnrollmentPCard Enrollment
Training Training
Reports and GovernanceReports and Governance
Corporate Credit Card PolicyPurchasing Card Policy