Emory University Travel

Internation planeWelcome!  The Emory Travel site is designed for all Emory University business-related travel.  Faculty, staff, students traveling on Emory University business and using Emory University funds are expected to adhere to Emory's Travel Policies. 

It is required (as of April 1, 2010) that Emory's three travel agencies are to be utilized for your airfare purchases for faculty, staff and students.   If Emory's travel agencies are not utilized, Emory University will not pay for nor reimburse this expense.  Air Travel Policy Memo - April 1, 2010.  (Please note that for now, bookings on southwest.com are an exception to the mandate.) 
Guests of Emory are not required to be booked via the Emory agencies.  In fact, it is preferred that guests book and pay for their tickets themselves and Emory will reimburse them after their trip.  You can use the agencies and pre-pay for their airfare by direct billing to the smartkey but please be aware of the risk of lost, non-recoverable funds should the guest not take the trip. 

For Emory faculty and staff, the Visa Corporate Card is the ideal way to pay for all your expenses, especially your airfare.  To see more information about this card and apply, please click on the card below.

Visa Corporate Card