Payment Changes

Contact Accounts Payable at to request the following changes:

Types of Payment Changes


A stop payment is a request made to a bank by an account holder to cancel a payment before it is processed.

Reasons for Stop Payments

The university will put a stop payment on a check when requested by the department or payee. Stop payments can occur for various reasons including:

  • The check is no longer needed
  • The payment was already made with a different payment method (e.g., PCard)
  • The Payee's name is incorrect
  • The address is incorrect
  • The dollar amount is incorrect

Process to Request a Stop Payment

To request a check be stopped from being cashed, send an email request to with STOP PAYMENT in the subject line.

Please provide the following information:

  • Check Number
  • Payment Date
  • Check Amount
  • Payee
  • Supplier Number

After the Stop Payment is Generated

After the stop payment is generated, the funds are returned to the original general ledger account.


A void/reissue request will void (stop pay) the original payment and reissue a new one in its place.

Reasons for Void/Reissues

While not the expectation, once an AP check is issued, it can be misplaced, lost, outdated, or no longer needed. Although rare, it is also possible that the AP check reflects incorrect information.

The university will replace a lost, stolen or inaccurate check after the university has placed a stop payment on that check and receives confirmation from the bank that the original check has not cleared the bank. A check is considered lost or stolen when the payee has not received the check within fifteen (15) business days from mailing or if the payee has misplaced the check and has not been able to locate the check after a reasonable effort.

Process to Request a Void/Reissue

To request a check be stopped from being cashed and a new one be reissued, send an email request to with VOID AND REISSUE in the subject line.

  • Check Number
  • Payment Date
  • Check Amount
  • Payee
  • Supplier Number
  • Note the Reason why the check is being reissued:
    • Lost
    • New Address
    • Change in payment instructions
    • Payee name change


ACH/EFT recalls are requests to pull the funds back before it hits the payee's bank account.

The university can attempt to recall an ACH or EFT Transmission if the request is made within a certain timeframe and the funds have not already been transmitted.

Recalling an ACH/EFT must be done as promptly as possible following the payment's disbursement. For the recall to be successful, the funds must be available in the supplier's account. Additionally, the success of electronic recalls and reversals is not guaranteed since the action involves third party financial institutions.

To recall or cancel an electronic payment, contact


ACH/EFT returns are funds returned to Emory because the destination bank cannot deposit the funds in the payee's account (e.g., the account is closed).

If an ACH/EFT payment has been returned to Emory from the bank, contact