Emory Corporate Credit Card Enrollment

Before you Apply

Review the questions noted below to see if you eligible to receive a corporate credit card:

  • Are you an active, permanent Emory University employee in good standing and paid on the University payroll?
  • Do you have an appropriate business reason (e.g., Emory travel, local business meals, etc.) to use the Emory Corporate Credit Card?
  • Has your School and/or Chief Business Officer approved your issuance of an Emory Corporate Credit Card?
  • Will you agree to take responsibility for complying with the requirements outlined in the Corporate Credit Card Policy? Click here to review Emory's Corporate Credit Card Policy.
  • Will you agree to only use the Emory Corporate Credit Card for appropriate and allowable Emory travel and business purposes?

Yes! I am eligible. What is the next step?

Begin the Online Application Process

Apply for a Corporate Credit Card

To request a Corporate Credit Card, complete the following steps:

  1. Complete the Emory Corporate Card Terms and Agreement Form

    EMORY Corporate Card Terms and Conditions

  2. Complete the J.P, Morgan Credit Card Application Form

    J.P. MORGAN Credit Card Application Form

  3. Congrats! Your card is on its way!

The Corporate Credit Card will be mailed to the Cardholder's address that is noted on the Corporate Credit Card Application form.

The proper name of the employee will be embossed on the Corporate Credit Card. Although the card lists the employee's name, the card is issued to, and owned by, Emory University.


It is important to understand how to submit an Expense Report. Please refer to How Do I Create an Expense Report?.