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Greetings and Welcome to the Procurement and Payment Services website!  The information presented in this website pertains to the purchasing and payables processes for Emory University. 

Emory ExpressOur BUYING in the Emory Marketplace web page lists four separate areas for purchasing various goods and services with links to Emory's contract suppliers.  Our How to Pay web page will help you to determine the appropriate payment methods for products and services purchased.

Customer Care Phone Line

In our continued effort to provide excellent customer service to the Emory University community, Procurement and Payment Services has established a phone line available Monday through Friday during the hours of 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. to assist with customer needs.

While sending an email to or does remain the most efficient method of contacting us, you may now also call 404.727.5400 and follow the prompts to be put in touch with the appropriate member of our team to address your question. 

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New and Noteworthy!

Updated Forms in Emory Express!  

We have made updates to some commonly used forms in Emory Express and added an additional form for your convenience. By clicking on the form name below, you will be directed to a "Quick Guide" with more information on the specific changes and instructions on how to use each form.

-The improved Contract Review Form now allows for a seamless flow from the appropriate level of contract review to either creation of a Purchase Order for future invoices or creation of a payment for invoices that are due immediately.

-The improved Check Request Form now allows you to identify Requisitions that propose contractual agreements or require a signature. If your payment includes a document that requires a signature or there is a contract in place with the supplier, you will now need to select the appropriate box so that request can route appropriately for review.

-Our new form, the Single/Sole Source Non Catalog Form, allows you to create a Requisition that will route the order through the approvals necessary on the Sole Source/Single Source Exemption Form (for supplies or equipment services costing more than $3,000). By submitting your order using this new form, the paper form is no longer necessary since these approvals are now being obtained through Emory Express.


ACHSetting up a "New Supplier" within Emory Express 

When submitting a request for a “New Supplier” to be entered within Emory Express, it is required that the Emory ACH Payment Authorization Form for the supplier is included with your request.

Emory University's preferred method to remit payment to Suppliers (other than exceptions in policy) is via the Automated Clearing House (ACH) funds transfer.  ACH payments are processed daily. 

Emory Policy 2.122 outlines the required and preferred payment method for suppliers, organizations and individuals (payees) who provide goods and services to Emory University.  The policy also identifies any groups that may be exempted from the policy.  If a new supplier request is received without an Emory ACH Payment Authorization Form, the submitter will be directed to the policy.


Verizon Wireless in Emory Express as Punch-out

The Verizon Request Form has been replaced with a new and improved Verizon Wireless Punch-out.  Shoppers now have real time access to equipment and accessory availability, pricing and equipment upgrade eligibility dates. **Note:  You may need to disable your pop-up blocker if you are using Firefox or Internet Explorer browsers. **


PromoSupplier Promotions 

Don't miss the Specials on goods and services located on our Supplier Promotions web page.  Check these out weekly and utilize the promo code in Emory Express for your discount.  



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