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Check out our "Buying in the Marketplace" link on the left tab for your purchasing needs.  Our Marketplace includes Emory's contracted suppliers for the most commonly ordered equipment, supplies and services.  For a complete quick glance of how to acquire and/or pay for goods and services, review Purchasing and Paying Methods to Use at Emory University.

Also check out our "How to Pay" link on the left tab.  This web page describes the various processes on making payments to suppliers, individuals, as well as facilitating personal reimbursements. 

What's New? - What's Changed?

Emory Express has New Look
Express got a new look on March 30 as we permanently transitioned from the "Classic" User Interface into the new "Phoenix" User Interface. Click here to learn about the new Interface.


 ChangeOur Customer Care Service Redesigned - PLEASE READ

We have redesigned our Customer/Supplier Assistance Center (formerly Customer Care Team) to provide you with improved service.  We are no longer accepting phone calls at 404.727.5400.  Please send all your questions/requests  to the addresses on the Right side of this page located under "Procure & Pay Quick Links".  Be sure to include all pertinent information so we can provide you with a clear and concise response within 24 business hours.  Read specific details at Contacts/Payment and Procurement Services.   Thank you. 



Special OfferSupplier Promotions  - Procure and Pay Quick Link

Be sure to visit our Procure & Pay Quick Link of Supplier Promotions on the right side of this web page.  There are many offers that you may want to take advantage of during the next weeks. 


SustainabilityBiodegradable cups instead of Styrofoam 

In conjunction with the sustainability efforts of Emory, all preferred coffee and tea service providers have been directed to no longer accept orders for, or provide, Styrofoam cups as a part of their coffee service to Emory customers.  When you need to order cups, be sure to request biodegradable cups instead of Styrofoam. 

Think Sustainability when ordering Office Products
When ordering your office products in Emory Express Staples Punch-out, select the "Eco-Conscious/Recycle" section.   If you are considering a switch to 100% post-consumer waste (PCW) Recycled Paper, select TreeFrogs 100% Recycled, TreeFree PCW Paper, made from sugarcane waste by-product as it represents the best value.  To order TreeFrogs recycled paper, go to the Staples Punch-Out in Emory Express, and select in the "Emory Best Value" field "Paper Recycled".  Or, you may order by entering in the "Search" field Item #697216.  Emory Spend on Regular Copy Paper vs. Recycled Copy Paper for September-November 2013

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