Buying in the Marketplace

emory express train

Emory’s "Procure-to-Pay" system, Emory Express, provides faculty and staff with an intuitive, easy to use interface, catalog shopping and electronically-enabled workflows to purchase a majority of goods and services.  In order to use Emory Express you must be approved for access by your department and attend Training.  Individuals with delegated authority to purchase goods and services on behalf of Emory are required to comply with the University Policy of Procurement of Goods and Services.

Many goods and services not found in Emory Express can be purchased using Emory's Purchasing Card according to policy. Note: The Corporate Card is for reimbursable expenses and the preferred payment method for travel-related charges.  A summary of how to acquire and/or pay for the most commonly ordered items are located here.  Each commodity listed below links to the Emory contract supplier associated with the product(s) and provides instruction on how to make your purchase and the preferred method for payment. 

  Audio-Visual Services       
  Photo and Video Services

 Lab/Research Goods and Services  
 Scientific Supply Center Locations     

  Books (Barnes & Noble)

 Lab Coats & Laundering Services

  BioSafety Cabinets/Laminar  
  Flow Hoods/CertificationProcess

 Linen Rental Services 

  Catering Services (ATG)

 Mail Services and Shipping 
 (Mail/FedEx/Customs Brokers)
 Inbound Shipping W/VPL

 Cell Phones, Pagers

  Maintenance and Repair Operations 
  (Supplies for electrical, network,
  general building, industrial) 

 Coffee and Tea Service
 (and other beverages)         

 Maintenance Program for Lab and 
 Scientific Equipment


 Office Supplies


 Picture Frames, Awards, etc.

 Courier Services

 Print Assessment Management
 (Remanufactured Toner Cartridges)

 Emory University Brochures

 Printing Services (Printing/Copying/
 EU Document Services, Stationery) 

 Emory Campus Services /
 Graphic Design Services  

 Promotional Items

 Emory Photography     

 Relocation - for Newly-Hired  
 Housing - Search Assistance

 Floral Arrangements

 Renovations (Campus Services)


 Storage - Records/Documents

 Gift Cards

 Storage - Other Items

Ground Transportation
Bus Services(chartered)
Vehicle/SUV for Hire Services    
Vehicle Rental
Vehicle Purchase

 Surplus Property, Shredding, Recycling,
 and CS Work Service Requests at Emory

Uniforms/Professional Work wear