Purchasing Card

Visa P-Card Purchasing Card Program (P-Card)

Emory University provides two methods for obtaining goods and services.

The primary method is through Emory Express and is the most cost effective way to obtain most goods and services. The cardholder should first review the chart, Emory's Commodity Matrix, (Purchasing Methods to Use at Emory) to see the summary of items obtainable through Emory Express.

The secondary method is the Emory J.P.Morgan Visa Purchasing Card (P-Card).  The P-Card is for use by faculty and staff for low dollar purchases ($1,499 and less) otherwise not available through Emory's contract suppliers. See the "Allowable Purchases for P-Card" in the "Topics" matrix below. 

How to obtain a P-Card 

To obtain the P-Card the appropriate Chief Business Officer of the school or department must authorize the request.  Prior to receiving the P-Card, the cardholder must successfully complete the mandatory training.  Complete details regarding eligibility are listed below in the "Topics" matrix.

Significant Changes with the Visa P-Card compared to previous AMEX card

There are a few changes that you need to be aware of when making purchases with the P-Card. 

Log into Payment Net for the following: 

View Statements
Dispute Charges
Pay Non-Reimbursable Expenses

P-Card Topics 

See our full list of Topics about the Purchasing Card listed below.  For assistance contact credit.cards@emory.edu.



Eligibility details for P-Card                        Payment of the P-Card
Quick Reference Guide for Payment

P-Card Training (Instructions 
for Enrollment)
PaymentNet Login
(J.P.Morgan software)

Tax Exempt items for P-Card
P-Card Procedure & Reference  Manual

Allowable Purchases for P-Card

P-Card Policy

Restricted Purchases for P-Card

FAQ's for P-Card

Spending Limits on P-Card    

Report Lost or Stolen P-Card to 1.800.270.7760