Credit Cards at Emory

Two credit card options.
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Visa Corporate Card 2013

Emory Corporate Card

The Emory Corporate Card is a credit card option available for staff and faculty for reimbursable expenses and is the preferred payment method for travel-related charges, such as hotel, airfare, rental car, and business meals. The cardholder is billed directly for approved expenses to the Corporate Card and the cardholder and the University are jointly liable. Learn More about the Emory Coporate Card.

Visa P-Card

Emory Purchasing Card (P-Card)

The Emory Purchasing Card is a credit card option available for faculty and staff for low dollar purchases ($1,499 and less) and other purchases not available through Emory's contract suppliers. Charges placed on an Emory P-Card must be business and department/unit related expenses only. The P-Card is University billed and paid and full University liability. Learn more about the Emory Purchasing Card.

Review the Preferred Method for Purchases at Emory

The Emory Commodity Matrix provides faculty and staff a summary of how to acquire and/or pay for the most commonly ordered items. 

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Replacement Corporate and Purchasing Calendar