Student Air Travel - For SGA

Eagle SourceWelcome to your guide for Student "organization-sponsored" SGA activities that involve air travel!

Before you begin, please fill out the "Student Air Travel" form, obtain the appropriate signatures and bring it to the SGA Office, Dobbs University Center, 515E.

If your airfare is going to be 100% paid for by your SGA organization:

Your tickets will need to be purchased via one of Emory's preferred travel agencies, Tbiz Travel (formerly known as "Travelocity Business"), and charged directly to your Smartkey.  This process will allow you, the Treasurer, the convenience of booking you and your club/organization's student traveler's air online and not having to utilize personal funds and then wait for reimbursement.  Should your trip happen to be on Delta Air Lines, you will be pleased to find better pricing due to Emory's negotiated rates with Delta.  Contact Meredith or Laura (info below) if you cannot access Tbiz Travel for booking for yourself or others.       

If your airfare is only going to be subsidized by your SGA organization:
If your organization is paying for anything less than 100% of your airfare ticket, you will need to book your ticket on your own (not using Tbiz Travel) and apply for partial reimbursement.  After your trip, print out the itinerary and proof of payment and submit to your Treasurer for reimbursement.

Laura Reece
SGA Administrative Assistance

Meredith Honeycutt
Business Manager, SGA