Emory Business Leaders Program

Emory Business Leaders Program (BLP) is a new program designed to foster and develop future business leaders at Emory. The two-year program will focus on building leadership skills, organization acuity, and business knowledge.

BLP was built to open new doors for high-potential, high-performing business managers by providing opportunities for tangible work experience, creating visibility with key business leaders at Emory, and building executive-level skills. The main components of the program are based on:

  1. Hands-on Coaching - learning from the best and brightest through executive coaching and mentoring
  2. Leadership Training - targeted coursework and lecture/classroom learnings to enhance your skills
  3. Experiential Learning - leveraging your learnings to participate in real, results-driven business initiatives
  4. Networking - meeting, connecting, and working with seasoned business leaders specifically Chief Business Officers

BLP Overview

Nomination Materials
Coaching and Mentoring
Experiential Opportunities

Who is eligible to be a BLP Participant

Individuals must be nominated in order to be considered for BLP. The program will be highly customized to the growth of each BLP participant's development needs, as such only three nominees will be selected each year to BLP.

How do nominations work

Nominations will come from senior leadership such as a CBO, VP, Dean, or CFO based on their recognition of individuals who display the makings of a business leader and meet the following BLP criteria below.

Prospective nominees must have a:

  1. Record for demonstrating high-potential and high-performing criteria and characteristics
  2. Manager or above role in their current position
  3. Career and development goals which align with the career path to a high-level business or financial role (e.g. Chief Business Officer)
  4. Minimum of 1-year full-time service with Emory

Learn more about the nomination process.

When does BLP start

June 1 - Nomination materials will be available
June 16 - Drop-In Information Breakfast
June 30 - Nomination materials deadline
August/September - Participants are selected and notified
October 5 - Emory Business Leadership Program begins

If you have questions or need assistance, please let us know.