Compass Reporting Overview

Compass offers a wide range of query and reporting capabilities. These include standard reports delivered by Compass, as well as reporting tools you can use to customize reports or create new ones.

These reporting capabilities allow you to access the data you need and present it in the form that is most useful for those who depend on you for financial and management information.

To Learn More . . .

To see an introductory reporting PowerPoint, which concentrates on nVision reporting, click here.

For overview and step-by-step Compass reporting information, click here.

For instructions on running the Sponsored Projects Detail Report (SPP2242), click here.

nVision Drill-Down Tool

To install the nVision drill-down tool, close all Excel spreadsheets and click here (University only).  Double-click the nVision image within the zip file and the tool will install automatically.  If you experience problems, contact your local Desktop Support.  Your computer settings may need to be changed.

If you are in Healthcare, to get instructions on how to install the nVisino drill-down plug-in, click here.

If you have successfully installed the nVision drill-down tool but do not receive the expected results, please report the issue by logging into Compass and selecting Compass Support Center > Compass Incident Log so the Compass team can assist you.