If you are currently a timekeeper, you can access the Training Manual for help with accessing and navigating the system.

In order to gain access to the Kronos Time and Attendance sytem as a University timekeeper, you will have to attend a training session held by the payroll department.

To register for the training class: 

Sign into Emory Learning Management System (ELMS) at http://elmprod.emory.edu. Log in with your network user ID and password.

1. Click on the link Browse Catalog

2. Click on Finance

3. Select Payroll

4. Select Kronos Time & Attendance

5. All available classes will be listed, review the start date and select the day you would like to attend the training.

6. Select the details link and then select Notes and Attachments for the information that will be required for the class.

7. Select enroll to be added to the class roster, class confirmation is not complete until we have an approval from your supervisor.

8. Review your enrollment and make sure that you have selected the correct class, then click on submit enrollment.

6. You may view the status of the approval process from the Home Page and My Learning Section.

7. Once you have completed enrolling in the class please fax the access form located in the notes and attachment section to the payroll department at 404-727-5280.