Time and Attendance

Emory University uses Kronos to track time and attendance for biweekly staff, students and temporary workers online. Kronos allows employees to record their in/out clock times for each day worked using the telephone; and submit corrections, leave requests and timecard approvals using the Emory Timecard Adjustment System (ETAS).

Report Work Time

Biweekly staff, students and temporary workers are required to use the telephone to record their work time for each day. 

Clocking Instructions for Biweekly Staff, Students and Temporary Workers

Submit a Leave Request

Biweekly staff are required to use ETAS to submit leave requests. Eligible employees have the ability to request the following types of leave:

Instructions to submit a leave request can be found here.

Submit Timecard Adjustments

Use ETAS to correct missing punch errors, cancel standard meal breaks, adjust existing clock times, add punches for work time not reported and complete timecard approvals.

Biweekly Staff & Student Instructions

Supervisor & Manager Instructions

Approve Timecards

Emory requires employees and supervisors to review and approval timecards after each pay period using the Timecard Adjustment System.  The timecard review and approval process should be completed prior to the ETAS deadline each pay period to prevent errors in pay. To complete the approval process you will need to log in to the Timecard Adjustment System with your NetID and Password. Use the following instructions to get help:

Employee Timecard Approval

Manager Timecard Approval