Timecard Adjustment System Announcement!!

Emory University is implementing a new Timecard Adjustments System that will benefit both non-exempt employees and their supervisors.  The system will provide a one-stop shop for supervisors and managers to handle timecard adjustments and leave requests for all employees.

Less Time and Effort

The new system, which will go into effect Summer 2014, will minimize the time and effort department timekeepers spend making manual timecard adjustments.  Timekeepers will no longer have to spend time trying to contact employees to make adjustments.  Employees will be able to initiate time card adjustments online.

Paperless Process and Supervisor Report

The new system will create a paperless leave request and approval process for hourly employees, as well as making reports on overtime and hours inflation available to supervisors and managers.

Improved Transparency and Engagement

Because the system is online, timekeeping transparency and supervisor engagement in the timekeeping process should increase.

Audit Trail

Additionally, all time card adjustments will have a standardized audit trail.

How Does It Work?

You can read step-by-step instructions about how to make timecard adjustments by clicking the appropriate link: 

Biweekly Staff & Student Instructions

Supervisor & Manager Instructions

When Will This System be Available?

Each division will have a different go-live date.  You will receive additional communication when it is time for your division to begin using this system.