Emory's Capital Bank Program

Emory has consolidated its debt activities into a single capital bank model.

•  optimize Emory's debt portfolio and reduce the overall risk - adjusted cost of debt

•  view debt strategically on a portfolio basis

•  create predictability and reduce volatility of internal borrowing costs

•  streamline the administrative process

Benefits of the Capital Bank

The old method of issuing debt and managing internal loans was complex and was difficult to control. The new capital bank model simplifies the process, allowing:

•  resources to be managed and planned centrally

•  control over internal and external cash flows

•  internal interest rate setting power

•  recovery of central administration costs

As of 9/1/2017, the current capital bank rate for all internal loans was set at 4.50%.  The blended rate is evaluated on an annual basis during the University budget process.

If you are an internal borrower of the capital bank, you can access your latest debt schedule on the Emory Budget Office Blackboard site within the documents section.