Training - Corporate Card and P-Card

Visa Corporate Card
VISA Corporate Card 

Emory's Visa Corporate Card is the preferred payment method for local business expenses and travel-related charges, such as hotel, airfare, and rental car costs.  Emory's policies and processes have also been enhanced and simplified to make using the card and expense reporting easier for faculty and staff. Please review Eligibility for a University Corporate Card to determine if you are eligible for a Corporate Card.

Application and Training - Instructions for applying and enrolling in training is provided on the Corporate Card webpage

To see the various uses of the Visa Corporate Card, go to the Purchasing Methods to use at Emory.  




Visa P-CardVISA Purchasing Card (P-Card)

Emory's Visa Purchasing Card is for use by faculty and staff for low dollar purchases otherwise not available through Emory's contract suppliers. Charges placed on an Emory P-Card must be business and department/unit related expenses only. The P-Card is University billed and University paid and full University liability.  View more details on the Emory Visa Purchasing Card.

Faculty and Staff who have been authorized by the Chief Business Officer of their school or department are being requested to take the P-Card Training.  Instructions for enrolling in the P-Card Training