How to Purchase and Pay for Supplies & Services

A summary of how to acquire and/or pay for the most commonly ordered items is located on the Emory Commodity Matrix.  The chart references three methods of obtaining goods and services and also advises when direct billing and centrally billed to Emory should be used for certain commodities.

purchasing methods at Emory

Purchase and Payment  Methods - When to use Compass T&E Process

Emory Express  - Use this method to create a purchase order or to pay a company.  Dependent upon your needs, you may be required to place a requisition in our procurement tool, Emory Express.  In order to use Emory Express you must be approved for access by your department and attend a two-hour training session.  For details on training sessions, view Emory Express Training.

The "Check Request Form" and the "Department of Homeland Security Form" 
- Department of Homeland Security Form - Use this form to request checks to be sent to the Department of Homeland Security. 
- Check Request Form - Use this form for all requests for payments to suppliers - not individuals. Attach the supplier invoice with number to the form.  This form allows you to select the "Remit to Address" for your payment.  See the Check Request Quick Guide instructions.

Visa P-CardVisa Purchasing Card (P-Card)  - The Visa P-Card can be used for authorized purchases of goods or services of $1,499 and less.  
- Charges on the P-Card must be business and department/unit related expenses only.
- The P-Card can be used for re-occurring department expenses, e.g., business cell phones and smart phones (non-Verizon), coffee, water and tea service for department, courier service, document retention, and more. For a full list of payment categories, click on the Commodity Matrix.  For more P-Card information, review the Purchasing Card website.

Compass Payment Request
Use this method to pay (not reimburse) an individual.  To pay an individual, non-companies, enter your Payment Requests into Compass, Emory's financial system, for services rendered, e.g., payments to study participants, honoraria and awards for non-employees, musicians/consultants/professional services and petty cash replenishment.

Visa Corporate Card

VISA Corporate Card 2013 To see more information and how to apply for your new VISA Corporate Card, review the Corporate Card website.

Emory's Visa Corporate Card is the preferred payment method for local business expenses and travel-related charges, such as hotel, airfare, and rental car costs. Our policies and processes have also been enhanced and simplified to make using the card and expense reporting easier for faculty and staff.  For a full list of payment categories, click on the Commodity Matrix chart above. 

How to Reimburse an Individual or Make Payments on the Corporate Card 

Utilize the Compass Travel & Expense process to pay off the Emory Visa Corporate Card, reimburse faculty, staff and guests for out-of pocket travel expenses, and to reimburse faculty or staff for non-travel out-of pocket expenses.

The individual's Emory Visa Corporate Card is not linked to a default SmartKey. The accounting is specified in the Compass T&E Expense process.   Each charge must be assigned to an expense report so that that it can be reimbursed directly to Visa. Corporate Card activity reporting (not accounting) will be primarily managed through PaymentNet, JP Morgan Chase’s on-line account management system.  PaymentNet will house all statements electronically. 

Payment Net 

Payment Net is the online Visa P-Card software provided by J.P. Morgan to document, allocate and approve pcard transactions PaymentNet is also used to review your Corporate Card transactions and access statements.  When you login to PaymentNet, you will need to enter the Emory Organization ID, "EMUCARD" and your User ID assigned through the application process.

Supplier Payments

ACHEmory will remit payments to all Payees via Automated Clearing House (ACH) except as waived in the Payment Services' Preferred Payment Method policy. When submitting a request for a “New Supplier”, it is required that the Emory ACH Payment Authorization Form for the supplier is included with your request.

ACH payments process nightly.  When a supplier qualifies for check payments, check printing will occur on Wednesday nights.  Wire Transfers process twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

Need Help?

For additional guidance, see How to Submit an Expense Report
If this is on behalf of a Foreign National, view the proper forms for Honoraria.