Inbound Shipping Savings Program

VPL logoTo reduce the costs of inbound freight on Emory purchases, Emory Procurement is utilizing the shipping savings program of Vantage Point Logistics (VPL).  VPL will serve as a third party intermediary between the University, Federal Express, and our suppliers.  There is no operational change on how we order or interact with the supplier.

How will shipping charges be tracked?  

Instead of suppliers charging us their own shipping rates, suppliers will use Emory’s Federal Express account number for shipments.  FedEx will bill VPL directly for these shipping charges, and VPL will in turn bill Emory for FedEx shipping charges (at rates which are very favorable to Emory).  VPL will prepare electronic files for each transaction which feed directly into Emory Express and link the purchase order to the FedEx shipping document, such that the actual shipping charge is tied to each individual purchase. 

Do I need a Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) Exception Request? 

Departments will see the actual product charge from the supplier and the inbound freight charge from VPL separately, with the VPL charge appearing under Compass account code 62447 (In-bound freight).  Given that this practice follows Emory established procedures and result in significant savings to both Emory and sponsoring agencies covering the costs of these purchases, a CAS exception is not needed for these charges. 

Inbound Shipping Savings Program at Emory

Learn how the savings will occur with Vantage Point Logistics (VPL) here at Emory by reviewing the "VPL Inbound Shipping Savings Program".

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