Local Vehicle Rental

Enterprise Rent-a-Car 

Enterprise is Emory's preferred contract for local passenger car rentals.  To book a reservation, just click here on Enterprise.  Note: If you need reservations and information regarding 12-passenger vans, call the Enterprise Emory location at 404.728.9911.

Payment Method 

Van Rentals - The P-Card is the preferred form of payment for Enterprise van rentals. 
Car Rentals - The Corporate Card is the preferred form of payment for car rental.

Frequently Asked Vehicle rental questions 

Enterprise is asked a number of questions when renting a van or vehicle to Emory employees.  Go here to view the FAQ's.

How to reserva a "green" car

Emory University employees can book green cars at any of Atlanta's four green branches.  Green cars are cars with fuel efficiency of 28+mpg or better or hybrid vehicles.  Call the location directly and request a hybrid or fuel efficient model or, book the reservation online then call the location to modify to ensure a green car is given.

Locations for Green Cars

Emory location                 404.728.9911
Dunwoody location           770.394.2279
Capitol Ave location          404.222.0664
Buckhead location            404.355.8242


How to make Reservations for Car-for-Hire Services 

See Emory's Preferred Car-for-Hire transportation services as it provides a full range of vehicles for your business needs.


How to make Reservations for Car Rental whil traveling (non-local) 

See Emory's Travel website  for non-local travel.  


How to utilize Emory's car share program with Enterprise (a personal expense) 

Emory has switched from our Car Share partnership with ZipCar to Enterprise's Car Share Program. The general use of Emory's shared car program is considered a personal expense. However, when using a shared car for University business purposes and with departmental approval, reimbursement or payment will be allowed. To learn more about the new program, click here.

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