Promotional Items

Emory has two promotional and gift item suppliers, Pinnacle Promotions, and PromoVersity.  Both are in Emory Express as a Punch-out.   These suppliers provide competitive pricing, speedier ordering, and immediate access to products such as T-shirts, cups, pens, tote bags, key-chains, note books, etc., with pre-approved usage of the University and Healthcare graphics.

How to place PromoVersity purchases

Orders can be customized on-line by going to the PromoVersity Punch-Out in Emory Express.  It is fast and easy to use the PromoVersity design tool in the Punch-Out site using Emory approved logos to create your own custom products. If you need assistance, contact Emory's rep noted on the Promotional supplier contact page.

Emory NotebookHow to place Pinnacle Promotions purchases

Two Options available 

Option 1

  1. Contact Supplier directly

  2. Provide specific product details and delivery date required

  3. The Supplier will provide you a custom eQuote for your product

  4. Supplier will request you to approve the eQuote and return to them (check to ensure product detail is correct)   

  5. In Emory Express select Supplier’s Punch-Out and enter your account email address to retrieve your E-Quote (Use Firefox browser when placing oder)

  6. From this point, follow the supplier's instructions on their site and your order will be processed through Emory Express utilizing departmental approvals

Option 2 

Contact the Strategic Sourcing team for instruction in placing your order.

— The Suppliers cannot start on your order until they have received your purchase order.

— If an order exceeds $10,000, competitive bids will be obtained by Emory’s Procurement Buyer.

Promotional supplier contacts  

Pinnacle Promotions


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