Lab Coats, Laundry and Linen Rentals

UniFirstUniFirst is Emory's preferred contract for Lab Coats, Laundry and Linen Rental Services.   (Read Announcement) If you wish to have another supplier considered for this service, you must submit an Emory Express Requisition using the non-catalog Item form.  The procurement department will review your request and inform you as to whether or not the supplier may be utilized. Payment for this service cannot be processed using the Check Request Form in Emory Express.

NoteService is for Lab Coats only and NOT Physician Coats 

This service is primarily for lab coats, not physician coats. If you are a physician and your coat is worn in patient interaction, please contact Emory Healthcare to have your coat cleaned.

For coats made of 100% cotton or containing embroidery, this process will lead to wrinkled and/or faded coats. Choosing to use this service for these coats will be at your own risk. If your lab coat is free of biohazardous contamination, you may chose to have your coats dry cleaned at a local business and pay with your P-card.

Follow these instructions for your service requests 

     Prior to entering your first service request in Emory Express, you must have the required laundry bag.  Place your order for Laundry Bags through Emory Express using the non-catalog item form with Fashion Seal.  Please list your product description on the form as "White Biohazard Laundry Bag" with the catalog number 54628.  Each bag is $12.65.

— Place your service requests by completing the Lab Coat Laundering Form in Emory Express

— An Emory Purchase Order is required to be received by UniFirst before 5:00 p.m. on Thursday for the items to be picked up on Monday. If your building location requires key card access, enter your phone number on the purchase order.  

— For Grady Hospital, Emory mid-town, or other Emory University locations off campus, please call UniFirst to determine the pickup days. 

— UniFirst Lab Coat Laundering Form is available through the Showcased Services in Emory Express.  Note:  First time Purchase Order requests for your lab coats have a two week turnaround time.  UniFirst requires this time to tag all coats.  

— Your valid six digit Purchase Order number (T------) is required to be written on the laundry bag with a *washable marker.  If an Emory Purchase Order has not been issued and referenced to on the bag, your items will not be picked up.

— Laundry bags may be ordered through Emory Express using the Non-Catalog Form with the supplier Fashion Seal. Please list your product description on the form as "White Biohazard Laundry Bag" with the catalog number: 54628. Each bag is $12.65.  Purchased laundry bags will be the property of the lab and will be returned with clean coats the following week.

Remove pens/markers from your coats before putting them in the soiled laundry bag or you will be financially responsible for the resulting damage to all other coats.

— A clean empty laundry bag, based on availability, will be left at the pick-up site as well as the clean laundry (on hangers) that was sent the prior week.   

*Washable markers can be ordered through Emory Express' Staples Punch-out site by ordering Staples Item No. 379566.

Need a quote or have a service question, contact:

Cornelius Booker
Emory Sales Representative
(p) 404.361.3700 - ext 6304  (Follow the Quote instruction carefully when entering your information in Emory Express.)

Linen Rental services

Linen ServicesEmail to obtain a quote for linen rental.  

Professional Workwear
Unifirst is the preferred supplier to use for all professional workwear uniforms.

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