Gift Cards

Gift CardsDoes your department provide gift cards for Emory business?  

If so, the preferred method to be used to procure gift cards is through the supplier National Gift Card (NGC) in Emory Express. 

Preferred Purchasing and Payment Method

To view the various supplier selections and types of gift cards, log in to Emory Express and visit the NGC Punch-out. Your order can be sent to the supplier or you may request electronically the eGiftCard from a few selected suppliers. 

If you place your order for gift cards to be shipped, you can plan to receive your cards the second day air via FedEx.  If you select the eGiftCard category, you will be able to download your gift card from the site. 

Important InformationBEFORE ORDERING a gift card, note the following:  

Purchases with Federal Funds:  Federal Research Funds cannot be utilized to purchase Visa Gift Cards because of the service fee for obtaining the cards. Other types of gift cards may be purchased, if applicable.

Gift Cards for Faculty or Staff:  Presentation of gift cards to faculty/staff must be in compliance with employee gifts policy. You must create and submit a Gift Report in Compass Financials prior to placing your order in Emory Express. When completing the Emory Express requisition, you must include the following supporting documentation in the internal notes: (1) the name of the recipient, (2) the reason for the gift, and (3) attach the email approval from Payroll of your Gift Report in Compass.

Delivery of eCodes:  The eCode platform from NGC severely limits the chance of fraudulent activity. Customers placing eCode orders will be sent an email for our EMS (eCode Management System) platform. The email will provide you with your login information and updates to let you know your order is processing and when your order is ready. When the order is ready, you can click on the link to go to the EMS, login, and click the Download button to download your file. Within the file, there will be a column for the Retailers, a column for the Denominations, a column for the URL. For certain eCode orders, there will also be a column for a PIN/Challenge Key. You will distribute the URL to the recipient(s).

National Gift Card Customer Service: 

Fax:    847.792.2293

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