Supply Centers

Supply Centers, formerly known as the Freezer Program, provides an easy access for Emory researchers to get supplies such as bio-reagents, media, enzymes, buffers, etc., from a number of suppliers.

Supplier Locations of Supply Centers: 
Note:  When only a floor is mentioned, it is in lieu of a room number and the freezer location is in the hall.

Agilent Technologies
  Whitehead Research Building, Room 135

Applied Biosystems
Woodruff Memorial Building, 5th Floor

Atlanta Biologicals
  Whitehead Research Building, Room 265

Whitehead Research Building, 3rd Floor, Room 336 (autoclave room)
  Winship Cancer Institute, 3rd Floor, Door C
  Woodruff Memorial Building, Room 5007  
New:  The Bio-Rad Supply Centers are updated to new True brand, stain-less steel refrigeration and freezer units and outfitted with a touch-screen kiosk automated ordering system. Your order is electronically sent to Emory Express and also sends the registered user an email order confirmation.  Read more and learn how to register to utilize the centers...

  Whitehead Research Building, Room 536 

  Clinic B, 4th Floor
  Pediatrics Building, Room 507
  Rollins Research Center, Room 2083 
  Whitehead Research Building, Room 221
  Winship Cancer Institute, Building C, 4th Floor
  Woodruff Memorial Building, Room 1002
  Yerkes Regional Primate Center, Room 1053
      Promega Express:
      Rollins Research Center, Room 4114
      Whitehead Research Building, 5th Floor

  Whitehead Research Building, Room 514
  Woodruff Memorial Building, Room 7306 W
  Winship Cancer Institute, 4th Floor Imaging Core

New England Biolabs
  Rollins Research Center, Room G239
  Whitehead Research Building, Room 135-2
  Yerkes Neuroscience Building, Room 5237

Rollins Research Center, Room 4158
  Whitehead Research Building, Room 115
  Woodruff Memorial Research Building, Room 5007

Whitehead Research Building, Room 221
  Winship Cancer Institute, Room 3032

  Winship Cancer Center, Room 5038

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