Equipment Maintenance Management Program

The Remi GroupReduce your lab and scientific maintenance costs 

The Remi Group has been awarded the preferred contract for an Equipment Maintenance Management Program (EMMP) for lab and scientific equipment here at Emory.  If you select to participate in the program, the Remi Group can consolidate your current lab and scientific equipment service agreements into ONE contract. 

The Remi Group does not repair or service equipment.  Your department may continue to utilize their current maintenance service provider.  Savings are realized by consolidating existing service agreements into ONE comprehensive program eliminating the inefficiencies of multiple vendor service agreements allowing you to typically save between 15% - 25% off your current maintenance expenditures.  For more details about the program, read...

Please be aware that Emory Procurement Services will cross-bid all quotes for service contracts with the REMI Group to ensure the maximum value of our service suppliers.

How to get started 

  1. Contact Emory's representative at The Remi Group and request a detailed analysis and a quote of your current scientific and lab equipment maintenance agreements.

  2. You will be requested to send copies of your current service contract's terms and conditions.  If this information is not available, you can provide them with the manufacturer, make, and model number.

  3. The Remi Group will analyze your current service contracts and develop a quote of coverage for your selected equipment. 

  4. To place your order, enter your requisition in Emory Express utilizing the Non-Catalog Item form and attach the The Remi Group quote.  

  5. Once The Remi Group receives your Emory University Purchase Order, they will issue your department a Change Endorsement, which confirms that the equipment has been added to the EMMP.  

Payment Method 

The maintenance program fee will be invoiced annually.  Payments will be processed through Emory Express.


Wanda McCall
Business Development Representative
The Remi Group, LLC
Mobile:  704.572.5316

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