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If the following contracts do not meet your specific needs, complete an Emory Express Requisition with the preferred supplier's name.  If the supplier is not available in Emory Express, select the "new supplier as vendor" on the requisition.

Where and How to Buy Computers, Software and Peripherals

Dell, Lenovo and Apple are the computer contract suppliers for Emory.  Dell and Apple are available through a Punch-out in Emory Express.  Lenovo (the preferred supplier for systems supported by Emory Healthcare IS) and HP printers are available through the CDW-G Punch-out on Emory Express.

is the Contract Supplier for your Software and Peripherals

Software, peripheral (cables, pen drives, hard drives, etc.), toner, and ink are also available through the CDW-G Punch-out site in Emory Express. 

Quick tips when buying computers and printers

Only buy Dell bundles. The bundles listed on the Dell Premier site (the Dell punchout on Emory Express) display the recommended, most popular systems at deeper discounts than the Dell Full Catalog. 

Avoid Dell consumer product lines (i.e.: Inspiron, Dimension). The enterprise models (i.e.: Latitude, OptiPlex) have better warranties and are less expensive in the long run.

Don't buy at a retail store with the idea of getting reimbursed later; you will usually pay more, and won't be reimbursed for sales tax

Buy HP printers from the HP link on CDW-G punchout site. The best priced  printers are listed here.

Quick Tips when buying Software

— Don't buy it if you don't have to: Microsoft Office products (Mac & PC) and OS upgrades are pre-purchased downloads available through Software Distribution for Emory corporate (not for personal) use. You can get a copy of MS Office to work at home through our Microsoft reseller at a nominal cost. Please visit:

Don't buy it in a box:  Buy a license and media instead.  For most Adobe products you can purchase a license through CDW-G (basically a license/key number) and the media (the CD) for a fraction of the cost.  You can share the media for multiple-user installations.  See Adobe and Microsoft sections at the CDW-G website.


Configure a Dell Quote - If you would like to configure a Dell for a quote only without entering Emory Express.  All quotes configured are to be attached to your Emory Express Requisition.

Configure an Apple Quote - If you would like to configure an Apple for a quote only without entering Emory Express.  All quotes configured are to be attached to your Emory Express Requisition.

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