Types of Contracts We Review


  1. Professional Services: Includes consulting agreements.
  2. Facilities Maintenance Services: Contracts that involve general facility maintenance, e.g., pest control agreements. Examples include elevator maintenance & service agreements and HVAC agreements.
  3. Real Estate Purchase & Lease: All real estate acquisitions and/or leasing of property, whether Emory is a lessor or lessee.
  4. Construction & Renovation: All construction and renovation projects and any project that would significantly alter the physical landscape of the building, either inside or outside, (e.g., moving walls, doors, windows) or its operating systems (e.g., HVAC). (Please Note: All Construction and Renovation projects must gain prior approval through the office of the Vice President for campus Services.)
  5. Software Licenses/Technology:  Software licenses and contracts for the purchase of IT resources in excess of $100,000 (single or in the aggregate) are to be negotiated through the Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer.
  6. Management Services: Includes staffing companies.
  7. Supply & Maintenance Services: Involves the procurement of finished goods and associated services.
  8. Licensing: use of Emory name, Trademarks, etc.
  9. Other: Agreements that do not fall under any of the categories above, or if uncertain of what the Contract Type is.