Contract Administration


Emory UniversityEmory's Contract Administration office provides a high level of support for all aspects of procurement services.   

We are responsible for recommending best practices when acquiring goods or institutional services under annual or multi-year agreements, negotiating and benchmarking of favorable prices and terms, maintaining proactive relationships with any contractor of the university, monitoring all contractor prices and agreed upon service levels. 

"Contract Review Form" in Emory Express

When a department is considering a contractual relationship with a supplier, the proposed contract should be submitted to the Contract Administration Office for review by utilizing the Contract Review Form.  The form is located in Emory Express in the Forms section. 

Disclaimer: This form is to be used when considering contracts related to the acquisition of goods or services. This form is not for use when considering a sub award, an agreement normally processed through the Office of Grants and Contracts, or when acquiring temporary personnel. Contracts with individuals will only be reviewed in cases where an individual is acting in the capacity of a consultant or performing specific professional services i.e. software developer, project manager, recruiter, fund raising, etc.

Our office contributes data for the ISM Report on Business 

About ISM – The Institute for Supply Management (ISM) is the first supply management institute in the world.  ISM’s mission is to lead the supply management profession through its standards of excellence and information dissemination – including the renowned monthly ISM Report on Business

As a member of the ISM, our office contributes data collected within Emory for the The ISM Report on Business.  The report reflects economic activity in the United States in employment, revenue, capital expenditures and capacity utilization activity in the non-manufacturing sector across the country.  Click here to read what the nation’s purchasing and supply executives in the Non-Manufacturing ISM Report on Business are saying.