Emory Contracting Policy

Contract Administration is responsible for the execution of all contracts and agreements used to acquire goods and services except as noted under the list of "Exceptions" below. All contracts and agreements, including the noted "Exceptions" listed are to be signed only by those individuals authorized by the Emory University Signature Policy.  Contract Administration is also responsible for ensuring that all contracts for goods and services, provided by any contractor or supplier, are satisfactorily performed and that the responsibilities of all parties are properly discharged.

The responsibilities of Contract Administration include but are not limited to the following:

  1. The negotiation with all "preferred suppliers" of prices and terms linked to any contract or agreement obligating funds of the university.

  2. The development of performance metrics capable of measuring contract compliance, the value received under any agreement, and customer satisfaction within any relationship managed by Contract Administration.

  3. The Office of Contract Administration is responsible for resolving disputes and within any contractual relationship to the satisfaction of all parties or in the event that such resolution is not possible the involvement the elevation of the dispute to the appropriate administrative levels.

  4. The Contract Administration office is responsible for maintaining a central repository of all contractual agreements for service or material obligating the university and the maintenance of all appropriate records.

  5. Maintenance and development of the "preferred supplier" program and the packaging of terms and pricing data for presentation within the university's electronic marketplace.

  6. The proactive monitoring of the expiration dates and terms of any managed contract so as to ensure the constant and orderly flow of goods and services under any contract.

  7. The proper handoff of all newly executed contracts within the Office of Financial Operations and the management of supplier access to other offices and departments of the university.

  8. The execution of all contractual agreements to the limits of any delegated authority.

Important Exceptions: Agreements and contracts outside the scope of this policy include but may not be limited to the following:

  1. Contracts signed by an employee related to travel or vehicle rental.
  2. Contracts appropriately signed engaging a contractor for the purpose of constructing or modifying a university owned facility.
  3. Honorariums, consulting fees, and other types of personal services not related to the repair or modification to university owned equipment or facilities.
  4. Agreements specifically authorized by the Emory University Signature Policy granting specific authority to execute contracts on behalf of the university.