Office Supplies

Order your office supplies from Staples Business Advantage as Staples is Emory's sole source supplier for office supplies. The Staples contract offers Emory lower prices on selected and most used core office supply items, high service levels, and an onsite representative.

How do I place an Office Supply Order with Staples?

Order office supplies by going to the Staples Punch-out in Emory Express. Once your requisition completes your departmental approvals, your order will be directed electronically to Staples. Orders received by Staples by 3:00 p.m. will have a next-day delivery unless there is a backorder of the item. 

Did you know Emory Preferred Items create savings?

  1. When placing your Staples office supply order in Emory Express, the ordering system may automatically replace the item on your order with a similar cost-efficient item or recommend substitute items that create a cost savings for you.
  2. How will I know if a substitute item is offered? When placing your supply order in Emory Express, if the item is a recommended cost saving alternative you will have the option to select the original item or the cost saving alternative. For some items that meet Emory’s cost saving and/or other initiatives, Emory has elected to automatic substitute. For those items, the alternative Staples’ SKU number will be displayed above the original item and the picture of the substitute item will be displayed.


Procurement Services encourage you to utilize office supply products that are sustainable by selecting the 15,000+ items available to order. For example, when ordering copy paper, select the TreeZero brand (Item # 697216). TreeZero is making a positive impact on the environment for future generations. It is the only premium 100% tree free, carbon neutral multipurpose paper made from sugarcane waste fiber available in North America.

Other sustainable product offerings include remanufactured toner cartridges, recycled content desk supplies, solar-powered calculators, recycled content and refillable pens & pencils, and PVC-free and recyclable binders.

To find these products and much more, select the Eco-Conscious/Recycled products category in the Punch-out system.

Consolidate Your Office Orders to a Minimum of $50

  1. Consolidate your Staples orders to a minimum of $50 when possible.  There are less administrative ordering costs, less packaging used and reduces the frequency of delivery trucks on campus
  2. Receive a $5.00 credit from your single order of $225
  3. Order once a week. Inform your department the designated day(s) that you will place office supply orders

Note: Technical supplies such as printers, cables, etc. should be ordered from the CDW-G Supplier Punch-out in Emory Express.

Smart Shopping

Use your Shopping Lists to make shopping even easier.

There isn't always time to search for supplies. With the Shopping Lists feature, you can quickly and easily find all the products you need in one convenient place. Take advantage of shared lists to find your organization's preferred items. 

Shopping lists are easy to find under the “Your Lists” menu on the home page. You can add items, utilize shared lists or create your own to keep track of frequently ordered products.

Need Help?

For your assistance with all Orders, Returns, Deliveries, or Billing, contact:

Staples Customer Care for Emory - 1-800-373-1929 or

For any other questions or needs, contact:
Mimi Ackerman
Strategic Account Leader
(c) 678.897.0693