LabCoat Laundering Service at Emory

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Lab coat laundering process made easier.

UniFirst is the primary laundering service for Emory University. Lab coats can be rented by UniFirst or purchased through another provider. Emory staff and faculty have the autonomy to choose their desired provider.

Important Notice: This service is for lab coats only. Do not use this service for physicians. This service is intended for coats that are not 100% cotton. Note: Laundering 100% cotton lab coats can cause coats to become faded and wrinkled. The consumer assumes the risk when employing this service.

Empty All Pockets (all pen, markers, and other materials) before placing them in the soiled laundry bag. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations prohibit UniFirst from reaching into pockets for safety purposes. Coats damaged to pens and/or markers will be the responsibility of the consumer.

Pick – ups occur regularly on Mondays. Laundry bags are provided. For this reason, Emory Express Purchase Orders must be received by UniFirst before 5:00 p.m. Thursday for the items to be picked up on the following Monday. In the event of graduation or a holiday, lab coats will be picked up the next business day.

If you are located at Grady, Emory Midtown, or other sites off the main campus, contact UniFirst at to determine your pick-up schedule.

Once you have completed your first service request in Emory Express, UniFirst will set-up a new account for your location, label all coats on the inside neckline with your specific account for tracking, and deliver a bag for all future laundering service orders. Each lab is assigned a specific Customer Number. Contact to obtain your customer number. Once you have received your number, ensure your customer number is referenced in the external notes of the requisition.

If you are submitting a lab coat laundering Purchase Order for the first – time
, UniFirst requires a two - week turnaround time to ensure all coats have been labeled aptly.

Should your building require access, specify these details and provide your telephone number within the external notes of the Purchase Order.

After your second purchase order is placed, a clean and empty laundry bag will be delivered one week after pick-up unless notified otherwise.


Step 1: Log into Emory Express

Step 2:
On your dashboard, under “Popular Forms”, select the “Lab Coat Laundering Form”.

Step 3:
Complete the Lab Coat Laundering Form.

Step 4:
Scroll to the top of the form. Under “Available Actions” select “Add and go to cart” and click the “Go” button.

Step 5:
Select either “Proceed to Checkout or Assign Cart”. The “Assign a Cart” feature allows the designated user to shop for items and assign the cart to a requisitioner or an approver to enter the appropriate accounting codes and billing and shipping addresses associated with the transaction. The requisitioner or approver submits the cart. For more information, view the video link: below for “Assigning a Cart

Step 6:
Upon selecting “Proceed to Checkout”, begin entering the appropriate details within the shipping and delivery options, accounting codes, and internal and external notes and attachments’ tabs as prompted. Once all fields have been completed and verified for accuracy, select the “Place Order” button.
Reference the Emory Express Checkout Process.

Hanger - Recycling Program

UniFirst maintains a hanger-recycling program in support of the Green Labs at Emory. Therefore, place your unused recycled hangers on the racks supplied by UniFirst and your coats to be laundered in the provided bag. Also, UniFirst is a proud member of the Laundry Environment Stewardship Program and the United States Environmental Protection Agencies’ Energy Star and Green Lights.

For additional questions or interested in exploring UniFirst's lab coat rental options, contact your Emory UniFirst Account Representative: Kim Kurtz - or 404.361.3700.