Catering Services Guidelines


Whenever you need to order food for an on-campus small luncheon or a complex catered event, these are the options available:   

Your first option is Emory Catering, Emory's in house caterer.  Emory Catering offers you a variety of menu options and you are billed directly for all services to your smartkey.  No purchase order is required when utilizing this on-campus service provider. 

The second option is by utilizing "America To Go" (ATG).  You may order directly to ATG in Emory Express and select from the many ATG providers as a way of reducing cost and risk when planning your Emory function, whether it be for box lunches, delivery, pick-up, or full catering service, etc.

Food, Beverage and Catering are NOT Tax Exempt 
The Georgia Department of Revenue maintains that the purchase of food and beverages, including catering (refreshments during a business meeting, lunch during a conference or catering for an event) does not further a university's exempt mission even though the meeting or event itself does so.  As such, Emory will pay sales tax on all purchases of these (and similiar) items.

Services of ATG

— provides searchable menus and saved favorites
— maintains direct contact with suppliers
— guarantees a 24/7 customer service telephone and order tracking
— ensures health standards are met and proper insurance coverage
— provides clear approval routing process through Emory Express

    New from ATG  (March 2015)   

ATG will lauch a new look in their Emory Express Punch-Out Thursday, April 16, 2015. Some highlights of the new design include:
  — navigational enhancements
  — ATG chat support
  — IRS meal documentation guidance
  — order history finctionality

For additional information, please review the America To Go Enhancements document.

Learn more about "America To Go" by reviewing the following links, and the ATG Punch-out in Emory Express

— Take a glance at "How you will place your order with an off-campus caterer or restaurant
— Read about the most "Frequently Asked Questions about ordering with America To Go".
— Review the list of caterers and restaurants in the Emory Express Punch-out, "America To Go".  If there is a caterer that a department would like to request to be added to the ATG Punch-out, please contact ATG Customer Care.

ATG Customer Care available 24/7

Ph: 1.866.284.8646