AV Installations and Services

AvyveAVYVE is Emory's preferred audio visual supplier and offers Emory University reduced costs for audio-visual technology design, consulting, equipment purchasing, installation, as well as hardware and system maintenance and repair. 

Need Assistance with a quote?

Contact the Emory Procurement Strategic Sourcing Team to assist you in getting a quote from AVYVE based on your project specifications.  Please note that your project may require a site visit and/or professional design consultation from AVYVE before the final order.

Should I consult with Emory Technology for my audio visual need? 

Advice on planning for your audio visual system is also available through the Information Technology division.  Contact Classroom Technologies at 404.727.6853 or email classtech@emory.edu

The Buying Process

— Obtain your quote
— Enter a Non-Catalog form in Emory Express and attach the quote
— The form will go through your department approvals
Note: AVYVE is required to receive an authorized Emory Purchase Order before the job begins.

AVYVE Sales Representative
Greg Marshall

Maintenance for AVYVE Equipment 

AVYVE studioEach AVYVE installation comes with a one-year warranty and on-site service contract.  At the conclusion of that term, the department has the option of either signing up for a full maintenance contract, including parts and service, or using AVYVE Emory Maintenance Program. 

Read more about the details of Emory's Maintenance Contract Plan with AVYVE to learn of all the services included in the contract.