Print Supplier Program

Emory's Preferred Print Suppliers can handle your large commercial sheet-fed jobs (i.e. magazines, booklets, and annual reports). The suppliers selected for this program were pre-qualified through a competitive bid process to offer a broad range of capabilities and maintain high standards of quality and service.  If there is a supplier you prefer to use that we do not have listed, please complete an Emory Express Requisition and select "new supplier as vendor" on the requisition.

Guidelines for your Print Jobs

  1. All print jobs will need to have a quote attached to each requisition. The quote should include all order specifics and critical delivery dates. You can obtain a quote on your own by going directly to any of our preferred print suppliers.  Enter your order in Emory Express using the "Non-Catalog Item".
  2. For print jobs $5,000 or more, a Request for Quote (RFQ) is required. The Strategic Sourcing Manager will handle that for you by sending your specifications to our preferred printers who have the capabilities that align with the job specification. 
  3. Through the Emory Express process, the Purchase Requisition will go through your department approvals. The supplier is required to receive an Emory Purchase Order before the job begins.
  4. Note: Quoted quantities will be delivered and any overages provided without charge. If excess quantities of the produced work are needed, the preferred printer must provide a new quote for the additional quantity prior to the production run.

More Savings for your print jobs

Your print projects will now cost you less than before. Emory is now in contract with Mac Papers as Emory's preferred paper distributor. This means that when you utilize any of Emory's preferred print suppliers via Emory Express for your large printing jobs, the new lower paper prices are passed on to you. The contract will reduce the cost of printing paper for Emory's print jobs.  

Review the Preferred Print Suppliers and Print Supplier Contract Terms:

Bennett Graphics

Amber Bayuk
(ph) 770.723.1192 ( x138 Office )
(c) 404.933.3095

Canterbury Press


Jonathan Agin

Direct Line 470-689-3049

Call 770-309-4908

Colour One O One

Taylor Lepera
(c) 404.403.1139

Travis Thomson
(c) 863.944.0986

Steve Whitesel
Print Operations Mgr.
(ph) 404.350.1700 ex 69
(c) 404.392.7568

Geographics, Inc.

Amber Bayuk
(ph) 404.762.3846
(c)  404.933.3095 

Drummond-formerly ProGraphics

Sandy Schoonover
Senior Account Representative
5664 New Peachtree Rd., Atlanta, GA 30341
c. 678.232.5561

Quad Graphics

Dan Weber
(c) 502-909-6982

Sauers Group

Rick Sauers

Standard Press

Ben Wynett
Account Executive
(ph) 404.351.6780
(c) 404.402.3115

Wallace Graphics

David Hunter
(ph) 770.723.0202
(c) 404.374.3621

Walton Press

Andrea T. Hite
Print Sales Consultant 
(ph) 770.267.2596 
(c) 404.213.9608

Preferred Print Supplier Contract Terms

These printers have agreed to allow Emory customers to make customary and reasonable editorial corrections to files submitted for approval during the pre-press phase of the production cycle.

  1. A minimum of two reasonable editorial corrections/additions will be allowed provided that the proposed correction or addition does not materially change the job, materially impact the amount of required raw materials for labor required to complete the job.
  2. Changes that are not considered reasonable, as defined, are to be priced, approved and added to the purchase order prior by the Buyer to the shipment.
  3. Quoted prices supplied in writing to Emory customers will remain open for acceptance for a period no less than 60 days.
  4. All shipments, including two rounds of re-proofing, to a single delivery point shall be at no cost.
  5. Emory Preferred Printers will be required within six months of the effective date of our contracts to be certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).
  6. The FSC standards represent the world's strongest system for guiding forest management toward sustainable outcomes.