Procure's Green Initiatives

Ink & Toner Recycling Cartridge Container Program

During the last years the University has made significant investments in establishing a successful recycling program and recognizes that recycled content products such as printer cartridges also are essential to the continuing viability of the recycling program, and for the foundation of an environmentally sound production system. There are hundreds of printer cartridges being purchased at Emory so in an effort to conserve resources, Emory Procurement has partnered with Flex Imaging to make ink and toner cartridge recycling easy for you.  Beginning March 2015 a large number of GoGreen cartridge containers will be placed at several locations on the Emory and Oxford campuses. 

You can support the Recycling Ink & Toner Cartridge Program by placing your used/empty ink/toner cartridges (all supplier brands) in the cartridge container location nearest to your office. Ink & Toner Cartridge Container Locations

Note: If the building you are working in needs a cartridge container, please contact Flex Imaging.

Green Packaging

Emory University’s preferred suppliers actively partner with Procurement Services to identify ways to reduce product packaging that eventually ends up in the University’s waste stream.

One such example of this type of initiative was introduced by Fisher Scientific in 2010. Fisher’s EcoSafPak Packing provides a smarter, greener and safer way to deliver products to the campus while at the same time preventing the risk of accidents.

Fisher chemical and other products deliverable in this environmentally friendly packaging can be found by searching for Fisher Chemical products available in the EcoSafPak packaging. This packaging method can save you money while at the same time reducing the amount of waste placed into the University’s waste stream. Read more about EcoSafPak Packaging.

Idling Reduction Policy

Procurement Services has worked collaboratively with Emory's preferred suppliers to improve Emory's vehicle idling reduction on campus. Major suppliers such as Staples, Fisher, VWR, and FedEx have numerous deliveries daily on the Emory campus and have agreed to support Emory's Idling Reduction Policy while making deliveries.

Other suppliers as well are in compliance with this policy. The policy states that each driver will be responsible for ensuring that their vehicle does not idle unnecessarily and be turned off when parked and not restarted until loading or unloading is complete. These measures assist in protecting the health of the community from harmful emissions and improve the air quality.

Support Green on Campus

Procurement Services promotes environmentally preferred purchasing (EPP) for the Emory campus.

Sustainable Procurement Statement for Emory University

Emory University Idling Reduction Policy

Environmentally Friendly Vehicles on Campus

Green Buying at Emory 

Recycle at Emory

Copy Paper Spend - Recycled vs. Regular - September - December 2014

Procurement's Green Resources

Advancing Sustainability at Emory

Energy Awareness - Did you know that Emory has banned the purchase of space heaters with Emory funds?  The Finance and Administration Department supports this ban and prohibits the use of space heaters.

Procurement supports Emory's Sustainability Initiatives