Green Buying

Office Supply Products

Select the Staples Punch-out in Emory Express for purchasing sustainable office supply products. In the Punch-out select the "Eco-Conscious/Recycle" section for your sustainable office products.

Copy Paper (Recycled)

Procurement Services encourage you to utilize office supply products that are sustainable by selecting the 15,000+ items available to order. For example, when ordering copy paper in Emory Express, select the TreeZero brand (Item # 697216). TreeZero is making a positive impact on the environment for future generations. It is the only premium 100% tree free, carbon neutral multipurpose paper made from sugarcane waste fiber available in North America.

Other sustainable product offerings include remanufactured toner cartridges, recycled content desk supplies, solar-powered calculators, recycled content and refillable pens & pencils, and PVC-free and recyclable binders. To find these products and much more, select the Eco-Conscious/Recycled products category in the Punch-out system.

Note: Publication Copy Paper - Procurement went through considerable effort to consolidate all publication paper purchasing through Mac papers. Our agreement with Mac requires that all publication paper be chain-of-custody verified, contain at least 30% recycled content and some post-consumer waste. To date, 99% of publication paper is chain-of-custody certified and contain an average of 39% post-consumer waste content.


Emory's preferred PC provider at Emory is Dell.  All of the order defaults in the purchasing catalog are for (Electronic Product Environmental Tool) EPEAT Gold desktops, laptops and monitors. All Apple purchases are EPEAT Gold.

Furniture (Office)

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Please refer to a few suppliers below.

  1. Supplier: Corporate Environments - Knoll "Green Bar" fabrics can help educational institutions achieve LEED certification. Green Bar fabrics are utilized for furniture, walls and draperies that contain 49%+recycled content, 75%+rapidly renewable material, or 100% Eco-Intelligent fiber. 
  2. Supplier: Office Images - Haworth has been awarded the achievement of green design, construction and operation of its showroom. Their products are 100% safe materials, 100% sustainable wood, and end of life management. 
  3. Supplier: Herman Miller and CWC - designs their products with consideration of the environment. Herman Miller's uses FSC Mix 90%. Their laminate and veneer work surfaces and storage products with wood fronts and tops are FSC certified and the products are made in the U.S.  

Lamps and Ballasts (Magnetic and Electronic)

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Purchase these items from E. Sam Jones (a local distributor of GE Lighting)

Purchase low - mercury lamps from Osram Sylvania

Letterhead and Envelopes (Emory Branded)

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Emory's stationery provider, AlphaGraphics uses recycled-fiber paper stock for all Emory branded stationery. Personnel may purchase Emory letterhead, departmental envelopes, business cards, and other Emory stationery needs through the AlphaGraphics Punch-out in Emory Express.

Maintenance, Repair, and Operations

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  1. Supplier: W.W. Grainger / The Home Depot Supply - building and maintenance products, wood harvested from sustainable forests, and energy Star labeled products
  2. Supplier: Southeast Link - cleaning chemicals, floor care products, and environmentally sustainable custodial equipment  
  3. Supplier: Associated Paper, Inc. - tissue (toilet), industrial paper and supplies, hand towels, and can liners 


Emory's print contract suppliers are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified. For printing, learn more, here.

Ink and Toner Cartridges

Order these items from the Staples Punchout or the Flex Imaging Solutions catalog in Emory Express.  Please deposit your empty printer and toner cartridges (all supplier brands) in the GoGreen recycling containers that are located in the various locations throughout the Emory and Oxford campus. 


Procurement Services follows Federal and State Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations. Instructions and Guidelines for the purchase of an Emory Vehicle.

Scientific Research Products

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Search and purchase environmentally preferrable scientific products from our catalogs or contract suppliers, such as VWR.