Visa P-Card Eligibility

Visa P-CardAm I Eligible for a Visa P-Card? 

Visa P-Cards are issued at the recommendation of the Chief Business Officer for each school/department. When the Purchasing Card Operations Office receives authorization to issue a P-Card to an individual, the individual will be contacted and instructions provided as to the training and application process.

To obtain a P-Card you are required to:
1. Get the appropriate Chief Business Officer approval of your departmental or school
2. Complete the mandatory Visa P-Card training prior to receiving your p-card, and
3. Complete the Visa P-Card application

Note: Mandatory bi-annual refresher training sessions are required to retain one's purchasing card.

Once the above is completed, the P-Card will be issued and made available for pick-up. When accepting the Purchasing Card, the cardholder becomes an authorized purchaser of the Emory University and has certain responsibilities. Therefore, cardholders must conduct their P-Card activity in accordance with the Emory P-Card Policy and their own school or department guidelines.

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