Payment of the P-Card

Visa P-CardTransactions for review and approval on your Visa P-Card are located in PaymentNet (J.P.Morgan's Visa P-Card software)

Once you successfully complete your Visa P-Card training you will be given access to PaymentNet where you will be able to review transactions and upload receipts online.  After your training, a User ID and Temporary Password will be sent to you. At the PaymentNet Log On screen, the Organization ID is "EMUCARD".  All transactions submitted by you will go through the approval workflow set by your department or school.  For complete instruction, see PaymentNet Quick Reference Guide.

Payment of the P-Card occurs after transactions are approved by your Department/School

Your department will be charged for your Purchasing Card transaction(s) based on the Default Chart of Account that was entered on your Purchasing Card Application.

Purchasing Card transactions are posted to the ledger in Compass on a weekly basis. Questions regarding the validity of your Purchasing Card's Default Chart of Account should be directed to your Chief Business Officer.

Once your department/school approves your transactions they are transmitted in the monthly statement to the Purchasing Card Operations Office.  The statement is reconciled to the charges approved for the month and is reviewed for further approval by the Senior Director, Procurement and Contract Administration as well as the Associate VP, Financial Operations prior to payment to J.P.Morgan.

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