Expense Report Proxy Responsibility

Expense Report Proxy Responsibiity 

The cardholder can choose to designate any or all the following responsibilities only for the overall management of his/her account to a designated proxy, but the cardholder, not his or her proxy, is ultimately responsible for all charges placed on the Corporate Card and ensuring that all expenses are processed on time.   Proxies must review and comply with Emory’s Fiscal Transactional Roles and Responsibilities policy.

Proxies should be very clear about which of the following responsibilities will be completed by the proxy and which will be completed by the traveler. Proxies may be asked by cardholders to manage the following aspects of cardholder management:

-Timely submission of an expense report.
-Monitoring and follow-up with approvers.
-Monthly review of statements.

Note:  If a staff member has been granted proxy responsibility for a cardholder, that person should complete the steps in the Monthly Review of Statements section below to ensure that the cardholder account is being paid in full and on time.

For Cardholder Proxies:  Timely Submission of Expense Reports 

An expense report must be submitted for each and every Corporate Card charge; expense reports should be submitted within ten days of a charge. Expense Submitters should read and comply with Emory’s Fiscal Transactional Roles and Responsibilities.

All expense reports should be submitted using the Compass T&E system.

All Corporate Card charges will feed into “My Wallet”.

Charges typically take 2-5 business days to feed into “My Wallet”.

An expense report can be submitted with a mix of charges from “My Wallet” and personal fund or cash purchases.

Instructor-led Expense Report training is available, and there is an on-line reference guide for new users.

If an expense report is rejected, a user should not submit a new Expense Report.

  1. If an expense report is rejected, go to: Employee Self-Service > Expense Reports > Modify
  2. Be sure to check the comments on the rejected expense report.

Upload additional documentation and/or modify the report as instructed and submit.

Note: If a Corporate Card is used to pre-purchase airfare or conference registration for a trip, the cardholder should submit the expense report immediately for payment (once the charge has fed into My Wallet). Do not wait to submit airfare along with other trip expenses or the Corporate Card will risk being past due. Airfare, when purchased on the Corporate Card, is immediately eligible to be expensed for payment.

Note: For trips longer than ten (10) consecutive days, please see the procedures under Long-Term Travelers.

For Cardholder Proxies:  Monitoring of Approvals and Follow-Up 

- Approvers have a responsibility to approve expense reports within 48 hours. If a traveler’s report has not been reviewed in a timely manner, the proxy should contact the designated approver.

- If a proxy experiences an on-going issue with an approver, please report it to a supervisor or department manager.

For Cardholder Proxies:  Monthly Review of Statements and "My Wallet" 

A statement notification will be emailed to the cardholder on the 15th of every month.  A proxy should go into PaymentNet on or after the 15th of every month to run a report of cardholder statements for the cardholders that they manage. See a detailed video demonstrating how to set-up this report at "Video Training". On or after the 15th, the cardholder (or designated proxy) must complete the following 3 steps:

  1. Check the statement from PaymentNet against other expense reports to ensure that charges on the statement have not already been expensed.

  2. Log into Compass Employee Self-Service to make sure that previously filed expense reports have been paid. If they have not been paid, please check the approval routing in T&E and contact the approver if not approved.

  3. Check My Wallet to make sure that there are not old items that have not been assigned to an expense report.

After the steps above have been completed, if you have questions about the expense report, call Procurement and Payment Customer Care at 404.727.5400.

For Cardholder Proxies:  Past Due Accounts and Late Fees

J.P. Morgan Chase will assess late fees to any statement that is not paid on time. Late fees will not be paid or reimbursed by the University. Late fees must be paid by the cardholder with personal funds immediately upon statement receipt. The cardholder’s Chief Business Officer and supervisor will be notified if an account is past due. The cardholder account will be suspended after sixty (60) days of non-payment.

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