Cardholder Responsibility

Protection of the Emory Corporate Card

1)  The cardholder must protect the security of his/her Emory Corporate Card and Emory Corporate Card number.

2)  The cardholder must notify J.P. Morgan Chase immediately if the card is lost or stolen.  (1.800.270.7760)

3)  The cardholder must notify Emory's Credit Card Administrator at of any problems with the card.

Charges placed on the Corporate Card 

A cardholder is responsible for all charges placed on the Emory Corporate Card and the overall management of his/her account which includes:

  • Timely submission of an expense report (see below for detailed procedure).

  • Monitoring and follow-up with approvers, if required.

  • Monthly review of statements in the card account management system called PaymentNet and My Wallet transactions (see below for detailed procedure).

  • Providing all necessary information to proxies, if applicable.

  • Ensuring that the statement balance is paid in full by the due date.

  • Monitoring PaymentNet for any and all late fees incurred on an account; late fees should be paid promptly directly to JPMorgan Chase and are not eligible for reimbursement.

A Corporate Cardholder is not permitted to use his or her own Emory Corporate Card to purchase business related expenses (e.g. meals, airfare, etc.) for a higher ranking individual (e.g., executive assistant cannot use their card to book for a faculty chair, etc). 

An employee is required to incur his/her individual travel expenses (e.g., individual meals, airfare, etc.)  with a payment method in that individual’s name (i.e., the individual’s personal card or Corporate Card). 

Exception:  A Corporate Cardholder may book individual travel expenses (e.g., airfare, hotel, etc.) on his or her Corporate Card on behalf of individuals not eligible for Corporate Cards (i.e. graduate students, residents, fellows, guests and temporary employees).  In that case, the following must occur:

  • The cardholder and ineligible party, except in rare circumstances, should reside in the same department or academic program; if the ineligible party is a guest, he/she should be traveling on behalf of the department whose cardholder is booking/paying for the expense.

  • The party for which expenses are being booked/paid for must provide documentation (e.g. receipt, mileage log, and itinerary) to the cardholder within 10 days of the expense.

  • The cardholder is responsible for submitting the expense report for payment within ten days of the expense.  If traveling, expenses can be submitted online.

  • Submitting documentation (i.e. receipts, itinerary, etc.) is the responsibility of the eligible party and failure to do so may result in suspension of travel privileges and any other necessary actions.

Cardholders are responsible for reading and complying with Emory’s Fiscal Transactional Roles and Responsibilities

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